Corporate Pensions

Investment advice photoAny road will take you there if you don’t know where you are going!! So often we meet clients who have plans for their business for the next month, year, 5 years ahead yet ask them how these plans fit into their domestic life we frequently receive a blank look .

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Financial Risk Management

Independent Financial Advice

man relaxing on shipAdvice from Financial Risk Management is truly independent. We are very proud our advice is independent. We make sure of this and constantly keep up to date.

We also realise that no one person can have a monopoly on good ideas and advice. There are specific areas which require their own expertise and experience, for that reason at Financial Risk Management we do not write wills or arrange mortgages, nor do we advise on matters of accountancy. We do provide independent advice on how to invest your money and obtain the best return based on your specific circumstances. Every year we find people giving money away!

Every year thousands of people give up their entitlement to a pension greater than that which they choose to accept!! Yes choose to accept. Every pension contract has an open market option clause which allows the policy holder at no cost or penalty to move their accumulated pension funds to another provider if that other provider promises more pension for that pot of money.

Frequently improvements of 20% and more can be obtained by using the Open Market Option You should know that some life offices will only deal through independent financial advisors, let Financial Risk Management research the market for you and find that maximum to which you are entitled.


Personal Pensions

Retired couple playing golfSmall Self- administered Schemes and self invested personal pensions.

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